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4 Apr

Lockdown diaries: 4 celebs who are making our mouths water with their delicious dishes


Being stuck in lockdown has had all of us struggling to keep ourselves entertained. However, for some of our celebs, this is a much-needed break from their busy schedules. To enjoy this period, many of them have turned to cooking as their choice of past-time.

Let’s take a look at what some of our favourite stars are up to:


1. Mawra Hocane 




This fast and easy dish is putting us all in the mood to start creating in our own kitchens. Mawra’s new hobby not only has us salivating but also allows us to replicate this delicious looking pasta with a step-by-step process on her Instagram. At least now we don’t need to look for something to do today!


2. Maya Ali



Maya Ali is making us all envious of her family who gets to enjoy her scrumptious chocolate-chip cookies. Maya uploaded a video of herself baking while self-isolating and all we can say is YUMMM! “Made my first chocolate chip cookies and were approved by my Amma 🙌🏻,” she wrote. We don’t know about you but our sweet tooth is tingling just looking at them!


3. Arij Fatima


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Wife life. #butterchicken #wifelife #food

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Arij Fatima is looking at the silvering lining in the dark cloud that is COVID-19 “One good thing has come out of this self-isolation is that we have all the time in the world to cook!,” she wrote on Instagram as she makes us fall in love with her version of butter chicken. Not only does it look delicious, but it’s making us jealous of her husband who seems to be enjoying chef Arij’s cooking. The Hassad actress uploaded her cooking on her Instagram with the caption, “Wife Life.”


4. Iqra Aziz




Iqra Aziz seems to be enjoying this lockdown period by spending quality time with her husband, Yasir Hussain. They’re both pampering each other by doing adorable gestures. Yasir simply cannot stop appreciating his wife’s effort on his Instagram. Recently he uploaded a picture boasting about his wife’s efforts in making what seemed like juicy burgers!


Eman Lakhany