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30 Mar

Lockdown round-up: Here’s what Pakistani celebs were up to in isolation last week


With the world on a standstill, people are just learning to cope with the isolation that is required to combat this pandemic. For most people, this is a very confusing period, since they aren’t used to having so much free time on their hands. Many are also struggling to cope with mental health issues due to isolation. Luckily, our local celebs are pouring their social media with ideas to keep busy during this unusual time.

Here are some that are nailing their own versions of quarantine diaries!


1. Sarwat Gilani 



Being an art graduate and a mother of two, Sarwat Gillani is flowing with creative ideas to keep herself and her children busy during this time at home. From making artworks using items around the house to painting on canvases, Sarwat is doing it all. You can also take inspiration from her Instagram feed which has a plethora of ideas to keep yourself occupied!


2. Hania Amir 



You can keep up with Hania Amir’s routine through her latest Vlog. It’s great to see that our celebrities aren’t immune to going crazy within their houses. They’ve resorted to anything and everything that can be done while staying inside, including face-timing friends to keep ourselves sane.


3. Ali Sethi 


Ali sethi


What started as an innocent one-time live session, has turned into our daily dose of calm. Ali Sethi is using his platform to bring artists from across the border together for live concerts, and now, even intellectual conversations. In his latest live session, Ali invited Amitav Ghosh, an award-winning Indian author. They discussed the future of the planet, climate change, and how the world will never be the same post-corona.

4. Maya Ali 



Maya Ali is showing us that even if you’re dealing with a global pandemic, we need to think about our responsibility towards other people. While the country is on lockdown, daily wage workers are struggling to feed their families and Maya is one of the many celebrities, who have stepped up to help collect and donate ration packets to the underprivileged. Along with this, she is also guiding her fans on how they can participate in this initiative. Other celebrities including Ali Zafar, Feroze Khan, Anoushey Ashraf and Nomi Ansari are actively working to help the underprivileged!

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5. Aamina Sheikh



Aamina Sheikh has started an online learning platform to help new moms make this time productive for their children. The platform features 10-15 minute long videos with Urdu stories narrated by Aamina herself. It also offers a series of gentle and uplifting Islamic cartoons for children on its YouTube channel. A fantastic way to keep the moms happy and the toddlers busy!

Let us know in the comments how you are productively using the time while staying indoors.



Eman Lakhany