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7 Aug

What you should be looking for in the perfect Eid outfit

It’s that time of the year yet again, when lawn brands put their best foot forward to provide you with a huge range of designs to choose from for Eid. If you are of the smarter lot, then you are probably aiming to get your Eid shopping out of the way to save you the stress that tailors tend to cause last minute.

We too have been on the lookout for practical Eid wear, and while there are endless options in stores, keeping the occasion in mind we knew the key aspects we were looking for. Khaadi’s Midsummer Luxury Collection turned out to be a sure winner for us, for a number of reasons.

Colour combinations

It’s the monsoon season and thankfully the heat has subsided and so have the monotonous pastel palettes. We always want a unique colour combination, which is definitely what makes or breaks an outfit.


Khaadi’s signature play on colours is one of their best selling points. Be it summer or winter, the brand infuses colours together beautifully and their combinations never get boring. This time too, Khaadi is aiming for their customers to celebrate summer in style, which is why their colour combinations stood out the most. From monochromes to funky blues, there is always so much to choose from.

Fancy dupattas

Since the weather still isn’t cool enough to opt for anything other than pure lawn and cotton, the focus remains on the dupatta. It is the best accessory to oomph up an outfit and make it look more formal, which is exactly what Khaadi’s printed silk dupattas do. It’s practical to keep the suit simple, so that it can be worn again to a soiree, without the dupatta if need be.

Right amount of embroidery


Less is always more! Khaadi has used embroidered borders, as well as fully embroidered necklines, to achieve the right kind of balanced look. We love the minimal use of sequins and diamantes, which gives it the sleek look we are always on the look out for.

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