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26 Jun

LSA ’19: Here’s who we think will win in fashion

The Lux Style Awards have consistently been regarded as Pakistan’s most coveted award show. With the much-awaited ceremony just over a week away, it’s obviously time to turn our guessing game on!

The fashion category remains the most widely contested category each year; it’s the Lux ‘Style’ Awards after all! With the highest number of categories under this umbrella, fashion holds a lot of weight this year, as it always has.

Who will take home the much sought after trophy, and who will return empty-handed? While it was quite the task to predict winners from the list of talented nominees, the team at Something Haute has made some unbiased predictions and here’s our list.





This category has always demanded a lot of attention, both from the jury and the viewers. A fan favorite, this list continues to boast big names in the fashion circuit, and has previously awarded top models like Cybil Chowdhry, Amna Ilyas, Fouzia Aman, Sadaf Kanwal and Amna Babar.

This year too, the category remains a hot contest. With the ravishing Sadaf Kanwal making the cut once again, the new girls in the list have something to look out for. However, the gorgeous Anam Malik, the strikingly good looking Fahmeen Ansari, and the alluring Zara Abid are putting up a solid fight, with their strong runway presence and editorials.


Who we think will win: Fahmeen Ansari.





Each year, it seems as though there is a shortage of good male models in the country, with the same names popping up on the list time and again, and it’s interesting to note that since 2012, the award has gone to the same three models. Abbas Jaffri and Shahzad Noor went back and forth between 2012 and 2015, until Hasnain Lehri showed up and walked away with the award for three consecutive years. And guess what? He’s on the list this year as well!

The dreamy eyed Aimal Khan and the aggressively handsome Champ Imi make an appearance on the list alongside Lehri and Shahzad Noor, and if we were to be completely unbiased, we think it is Aimal’s year.


Who we think will win: Aimal Khan





Bridal couture is a hot seller in the Pakistani fashion market, what with an obsession with larger than life weddings and lavish joras to attend them in! The category is a mainstay in fashion and has consistently awarded excellence, with names like Nomi Ansari, Faraz Manan and Sana Safinaz being lauded previously.

This year, the list includes fashion royalty, Elan, veteran favorite Kamiar Rokni, exquisitely luxurious Shehla Chatoor, the divine craftsman Faraz Manan, and the classic Nida Azwer, making it a perfectly rounded off list.


Who we think will win: Faraz Manan





A tricky category to list down and decide a winner for, menswear designers have always had to work harder to stand out and prove their mettle. With a very thin line to tread on between functional and runway-only designs, the designers who made it to the of nominees have outdone themselves in showcasing their prowess.

On the list, we have Deepak and Fahad who have consistently shown fashionably progressive collections, along with HSY who has cemented his name in the industry with his classic approach to men’s fashion. Fahad Hussayn with his traditional touch to classic cuts, Jazib Qamar with his whimsical take on fashion, and Republic by Omar Farooq with a clear and sharp fashion ideology have also made it to the list.


Who we think will win: Republic by Omar Farooq.





Pret in Pakistani fashion has always been a big puller and this category remains one of the most important and coveted fashion award in the industry. With the boom in pret wear in recent years, it is only natural that the nominations are a mixed bag.

Last year’s winner and crowd favorite, Sana Safinaz, has made the cut once again, while Khaadi’s Chapter 2 enters the list with its unique cuts and bold ideas. Elan also manages to bag its second nomination here and Zara Shahjahan’s elegant take on pret has put her on the list as well.


Who we think will win: Chapter 2





Luxury Pret is a category that is expertly carved out for those who like treading on the edge of couture and casual ready-to-wear. With big names in fashion competing in one strong category, this is one battle to look out for!

Industry stalwarts like Sana Safinaz, Shehla Chatoor and Sania Maskatiya make for one half of the nominations, with a strong luxurious brand image to boast along with putting up stunning shows. The other half of the list includes Misha Lakhani with her niche clientele who can vouch for her fashion aesthetic. A pleasant surprise entry in the list is Hussain Rehar, who is a fan favorite because of his contemporary take on fashion which resonates with the youth.


Who we think will win: Shehla Chatoor





Photography can make break or make entire campaigns, which is why this category is hotly contested each year.  With big names making it to the competition to find their footing in the industry in previous years, this year is no different.

Alee Hassan who brings contemporary concepts to life in the form of stunning visuals is a great contender, while Rizwan ul Haq is an industry favorite with A-class editorials that scream timelessness. MHM Photography with its in-your-face bold editorials, Stop Style with its classic portraits, and Ashna Khan’s aesthetics have put their name up there as well.


Who we think will win: Rizwan ul Haq





This category saw two big names pulling out in the wake of controversy, making it a rather small pool to pick from.

Sunil Nawab has made his mark this past year, creating eye catching, and bold looks for editorials, while Shoaib Khan has also perfected his skill with his creation of soft and subtle yet daring looks. Qasim Liaqat has made it to the nominations once again for his memorable looks in high profile editorials, however after bagging the award last year, it seems this may not be his year after all.


Who we think will win: Sunil Nawab





One of the most important awards for the fashion category, this one sets the tone of career for whoever wins it. However, the lack of diversity in terms of nominations is something to note. Out of the four nominees, three are models and the fourth is a photographer, with not one up and coming designer on the list.

The bewitching Mushk Kaleem has made a solid place in the industry within the short time she’s been here, working with top brands and doing editorials left, right, and center. Giving her a tough competition are the striking Roshanay Afridi, who was seen in a number of stunning campaigns, and the ever-so-handsome Munsif Ali Khan who has proved his mettle in the industry. The lone represent for photography, Hamza Baande, is sure to put up a strong competition with his gorgeous techniques and artistic editorials.


Who we think will win: Mushk Kaleem




Yumna Aftab