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23 Apr

LSA Red Carpet: The Best, Not-So-Bad and Barely Bearable


What a night! The Lux Style Awards 2017 took place a few nights ago and we’re still recovering from the red carpet aftershocks. Celebrity fashion this year took an unexpected turn. One of the prime fashion updates of the night was how most of the biggest celebs opted for international designers instead of the local favourites. Is everyone following the Bollywood trend of international designer looks? Or are our designers not creating award-worthy outfits? We also really want to know what happened to traditional dressing? Not a single celeb other than Zara Shahjahan was in anything remotely traditional looking. Where were all those looks that we’d been waiting for? Most of all, didn’t any one hear the news about the ‘death of ball gowns’? Are we really that behind in the fashion world? Award season 2017 all over the world brought in the elegant column shaped dresses and the end of the globular shaped gowns. Were Mahira Khan and Sadaf Kanwal the only ones who got that memo? We think so.

For all reason good and bad, the LSA 2017 was clearly a night to remember in fashion. Here are some of our favourite and not-so-favourite looks.

Outstanding Looks of the Night


  1. Mahira Khan – Mahira was a vision in black. The figure-hugging black gown by Oslo-based Label Black Archives was flawless on her body and the bombshell blowout added to the whole look. We also loved the chunky beaten gold Kiran Fine Jewellery bangles that she stacked on her wrist. One could tell, she clearly came to slay.
  2. Sadaf Kanwal – Winner for Best Model, Sadaf showed why she deserved that award from her extremely high fashion bob and gorgeous asymmetrical dress by Lebanese designer Azzi & Osta. We loved everything about her look.
  3. Sanam Saeed – One of our absolute favourite looks of the night was by Elan. Sanam Saeed looked undeniably classy in her satin skirt and collared, tucked in shirt. The slick back hair really won this look for us.

Honourable Mentions

  1. Ayesha Omar – Ayesha Omar looked rather stunning in a Michael Cinco mid-length dress and slick back ponytail. We loved the whole ensemble, especially the shoes.
  2. Zara Shahjahaan – The traditional look we had been waiting for! Zara Shahjahan looked gorgeous in her own creation, a printed gharara and a plain kameez. We would have loved to see more of this on the carpet.
  3. Rubya Chaudhry – Though a little plain, we loved that Rubya opted for a sari and the colour was simply to die for!

Playing It a Little Too Safe

  1. Mawra Hocane – If you’re really going to wear a Naeem Khan, don’t show up in the most obvious choice. We really wish Marwa had done something different than the pink princess look. It’s frankly getting a little boring.
  2. Maya Ali – Maya Ali has come a long way with her dress sense and we really thinks it’s time she pushed herself a little more. This Nomi Ansari gown was lovely but was a safe choice. We would have loved to see Maya in Nomi’s Joyride collection.
  3. Syra Shahroze – Whoever dresses Syra needs to understand that they can really play with her looks and do something a little daring. She’s young, and this extremely dull Rani Zakhem gown was very humdrum.

Worst Dressed of the Night

  1. Sunita Marshall – Was this really the only option? We don’t like the colour or the embroidery of this Hassan Shehryar Yassin piece. Sorry, but it’s an absolute no from us.
  2. Amna Baber – Frankly this looked like Amna was trying a little too hard to look high fashion but it was a complete disaster. This Sana Safinaz’s look was definitely one of the worst we’ve ever seen from the brand.
  3. Aamina Sheikh – Aamina Sheikh looked nothing other than a cake topping. The Saira Shakira dress and her whole look really didn’t work. We have absolutely no words for this.

    Best Dressed Men of the Night (this category maybe a little biased)

  1. Zahid Ahmed – The extremely talented and equally handsome Zahid Ahmed wowed us with his look. He kept it clean and classic and the bow tie really did it.
  2. Bilal Ashraf – Just as classic, the good looking Bilal Ashraf kept things tasteful. Plus, the dimples always do it for us.
  3. Ali Zafar – Draper as always, Ali Zafar looked great in this ensemble. Especially, his braid which looked quite interesting.

Photography by Faisal Farooqui and the team at Dragonfly

Marium Kamal

Marium Kamal is also a practicing artist, teaches film and is a well-known psychopath.