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7 Apr

LSA2017 Predictions: Film Edition

The battle lines have been drawn and a number of strong contenders have bubbled up in these “competitive” times, promising a broad spectrum for viewers to indulge in. After a couple of years with questionable nominees, we’re happy to announce that this year the film category has really been impressive to say the least. A year makes all the difference and the film and cinema category is good proof of it, but the bigger question is, will it last?

We won’t be cynics here but instead we’ll rejoice because these nominees consist of actors and directors with exceptional talent and we’re happy to play a small part in it and dish out our judgment.


Best Film

The Nominees: Actor in Law, Dobara Phir Se, Ho Mann Jahaan, Janaan, Mah-e-Mir

Haute Pick: A total no brainer, Actor in Law has this in the bag. The movie not only did really well at the box office but was a breath of fresh air with a smart plot, great acting, witty script and great music. Is there anybody else who could match this home-run?





Best Film Actress

The Nominees: Mahira Khan for Ho Mann Jahaan, Mehwish Hayat for Actor in Law, Saba Qamar for Lahore Se Aagey, Sajal Ali for Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, Sanam Saeed for Bachaana

Haute Pick: So this will be a tricky category because it’s a toss between Mahira Khan and Mehwish Hayat. Although Mehwish was spectacular in Actor in Law, we feel her character was more on the supporting angle to Fahad Mustafa who carried the entire movie on his shoulders. Mahira was the lead in Ho Mann Jahaan and agreeing that the movie did miss some of its marks but Mahira did a good job keeping us interested. PS. We miss Hareem Farooq in this category; she did nail her character in Dobara Phir Se.




Best Film Actor

The Nominees: Ashar Azeem for Maalik, Fahad Mustafa for Actor in Law, Fahad Mustafa for Mah-e-Mir, Mohib Mirza for Bachaana, Yasir Hussain for Lahore Se Aagey

Haute Pick: As if this was a surprise. Fahad Mustafa will and has to get this award because he is a superb actor and well it’s Fahad Mustafa and you’ll be exiled from this world for saying anything otherwise. Enough said!



Best Film Director

The Nominees: Anjum Shehzad for Mah-e-Mir, Asim Raza for Ho Mann Jahaan, Azfar Jafri for Janaan, Mehreen Jabbar for Dobara Phir Se, Nabeel Qureshi for Actor in Law, Wajahat Rauf for Lahore Se Aagey

Haute Pick: We saw a lot of movies this year; well we saw a lot of Drama-esque films this year on the movie screen, but that is not the only reason we’re giving our supportive nudge to Nabeel Qureshi. He is probably the best director of our generation who has the ability to make us laugh, cry, scream and dance all in the span of three hours. Take a bow Nabeel; we’re with you on this one




Best Supporting Actress

The Nominees: Hania Aamir for Janaan, Saboor Ali for Actor in Law, Sanam Saeed for Dobara Phir Se, Sonya Jehan for Ho Mann Jahaan, Tooba Siddiqui for Dobara Phir Se

Haute pick: All throughout the couple of hours of Dobara Phir Se (that felt close to a couple of lifetimes at least) Sanam Saeed and her character was the star of the movie. Sure, we’re huge fans of Hareem Farooq but Sanam had complete control of the movie from scene one. Sanam Saeed wins best supporting actress for playing it so well.




Best Supporting Actor

The Nominees: Ali Kazmi for Dobara Phir Se, Ali Rehman Khan for Janaan, Manzar Sehbhai for Mah-e-Mir, Om Puri for Actor in Law, Shehryar Munawar for Ho Mann Jahaan

Haute Pick: Ali Rehman Khan should get this award mainly for the same reasons mentioned above and because he really is a tremendously talented actor that leaves us wondering why he’s always the bridesmaid and never the bride?




Best Singer (Male) – Film

The Nominees: Arman Malik for ‘Janaan Title Track’ (Janaan), Asrar for ‘Funkaran‘ (Actor in Law), Atif Aslam for ‘Dil Dancer‘ (Actor in Law), Rajab Ali for ‘Yeh Dhuan‘ (Mah-e-Mir), Shafqat Amanat Ali for ‘Piya Dekhan Ko‘ (Mah-e-Mir)

Haute Pick: If there are any questions about it, it’s Atif Aslam. We’re pretty sure he even snores in tune.




Best Singer (Female) – Film

The Nominees: Aima Baig for ‘Kalabaaz Dil‘ (Lahore se Aagey), Haniya Aslam for ‘Lar Gaiyyan‘ (Dobara Phir Se), Masooma Anwer for ‘Naina Roye‘ (Maalik), Shreya Ghoshal for ‘Janaan Title Track’ (Janaan), Zeb Bangash for ‘Dil Pagal‘ (Ho Maan Jahaan)

Haute Pick: Ho Maan Jahaan had quite a handful of things that could have been better. The music, according to us wasn’t one of it. We’re putting the spotlight on Zeb Bangash. This is her time to shine and nobody should challenge us on this.




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