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6 Apr

LSA Update: What’s happening at the HSY Mansion?

The 16th annual Lux Style Awards are two weeks away and as one can expect, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin and his team of worker ants (some very glamorous ones) are taking cues from the King Bee on how to build this nest of glitz and glamour. We haven’t paid them any unexpected visits yet but having picked up pieces from here and there, we can confirm several interesting facts about the show this year.


You read it right! The event, learning from years of disciplinary disarray, has finally decided to follow in the footsteps of international award shows and begin much earlier in the day. “Yes, the Lux Style Awards will be starting much earlier in the day this time,” HSY confirmed. “We wanted winners to have time to celebrate after the show; we want people to be happy and full of life till the very end.”


Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan have left some pretty big shoes to fill in but we have it from good sources that two gorgeous new Lux girls will be revealed at the event. Let’s speculate; there’s a very good chance that Mawra Hocane will be one. Hania Aamir may be the other but she’s also the current Sunsilk girl. Then there’s Aisha Khan, but she’s too old. There is a choice of Mehwish Hayat, Sajal Aly, Sanam Saeed and Ayesha Omar as well. I’m also thinking Armeena Khan. But who knows? I’m probably missing the actual names! There are so many glamorous and iconic girls out there. I give up. We’ll have to wait and see this one out. Or snoop some more.


We had great fun with Vasay Chaudhry, Ahmad Ali Butt and then Yasir Hussain but then things had to move on and they have with Sham Idrees and Shahveer Jafri, internet sensations from Canada. They have a huge YouTube following and actually are friends with Zaid Ali T so you’ll find him in many of their Vlogs. Sham and Shahveer have been flown in from Canada to make you laugh and this promises to be fun!

Exclusive: Shahveer and Sham with HSY at the Mansion.


There really is no need to say more because we’ve been told by HSY that this year’s LSA show will give us Mahira Khan “like never before.” We got an unprecedented first stage performance from her last year so it’s super exciting to wonder what can beat that!!

Aamna Haider Isani

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