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17 Jun

Mahira Khan narrates a short film about existential crisis

Mahira kHAN

Ahmed Sarym has released another short film recently titled, Alehdgi. The film includes narration by Mahira Khan opening a heartfelt conversation with one’s soul. The first installment Hamesha Yahi Hota Hai (It always happens this way) is a story revolving around one’s struggle to crawl out of his/her own web of thoughts.

The video features on Sarym’s YouTube channel Qissa Nagri.


The video builds a strong narrative around the existential struggles one faces under the influence of anxiety and depression. It’s especially appropriate due to the current situation where everyone is stuck at home and are forced to deal with their inner demons. The world, as we knew it, will never be the same again and the reality is far too difficult for most people to cope with.

Alehdgi features Ahmed Sarym himself along with Maamen Qutubshahi conversing about the difficult questions many are forced to ask themselves due to overthinking. Earlier, he released his first short film which featured the late Zara Abid.



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