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8 Apr

Mahira Khan responds to Sakina Samo’s film offer & shares her activities in lockdown in #AskMahira session on Twitter


Fans of Mahira Khan were in for a treat when the actress announced on Wednesday that she will be answering questions on Twitter in an #AskMahira session. The actress also shared an adorable childhood picture of hers as she opened the forum for questions.

Mahira, who has always kept her personal life under wraps, talked about her activities during self-isolation. She even showed interest in Sakina Samo’s film offer. She even became the top trend on Twitter for a while and much to our surprise, she then went live on Instagram as well.




Here are some of the best and wittiest replies from her:

Another film on the cards?



If she could change the arc of any of her characters?



What she will never compromise on?



Any chance of a meet-up?



What’s her take on the burning biryani question?



What house chore she doesn’t mind doing?



What’s she doing in lockdown?



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Do you know Mahira sleep-talks?



Between luck and hard work, Mahira believes in…?



And she takes ludo seriously!



She even knows how to dodge queries about KFC cravings.



How she handles trolling?



Any precious moment in her life that she would love to re-live?




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