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23 Oct

Mahira Khan’s powerful tweet on #MeToo serves as a bitter reminder for everyone

Mahira Khan

Soon after film director Jami’s shocking revelation about being a victim of sexual abuse and his struggles with the trauma, Mahira Khan also shared her viewpoint on the issue.

Talking about the recent incident where a college professor committed suicide for being wrongly accused of sexual abuse, Mahira expressed her indignation over the misuse of the Me Too campaign. She took to Twitter and wrote:

“It angers me that an innocent man would kill himself because of wrongly being accused and it boils my blood that another can roam around free after raping someone,” Mahira said.

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The actress also added that that the outcome in both the scenarios is death.

“Whether you misuse the #metoo movement or delay accountability on it, the result is the same -death,” she added.


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