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14 May

Making fun of people’s insecurities is the worst thing, says Hania Amir in response to Yasir Hussain’s inappropriate joke

Hania Amir recently opened up about her struggle with acne following which she got lots of support from fans and colleagues alike. While most people recognised the pressure and could relate to Hania’s insecurities, her friend Yasir Hussain ended up making an insensitive joke about her heartfelt post.

During an AMA session on Instagram, Yasir was asked to describe Hania in one word to which he replied, “Danedar [Spot-ridden].” Following this, Hania initially brushed off his comment by saying, “Forgive my friend for he has now gotten a habit of cracking inappropriate jokes.”



Rather than realizing his mistake and taking his comment back, Yasir went on to defend his insensitive remark by calling Hania “burger” and saying, “You called me a friend that’s why I said it. I wasn’t making a joke, acne translated in Urdu is danedar.




This was as rather low blow considering Hania had mustered up the courage to finally open up about a major insecurity of hers, only to be made fun of by a friend. We are glad though that Hania addressed this in a detailed post later saying making fun of someone’s insecurity is the worst thing one can do. “We brush off insecurities and people pointing them out like it’s no big deal but knowing it’s someone’s insecurity and still making fun of it is the worst thing you can do! It is wrong on so many levels,” she wrote on Instagram.

Hania went on to say that it’s high time people realise it’s not okay to make jokes out of people’s insecurities. “Humor is great but be careful with it. Don’t try and act cool about making someone feel bad about what they might consider a flaw. It’s disrespect. Not funny. Degrading is not funny. I’m not laughing. Nobody is.”




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Sara Zaman
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