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13 Jun

Mansha Pasha insists Mohabbat Tujhey Alvida is inspired by an ‘old Pakistani folk tale’

Mansha Pasha

Ever since we saw the trailers for the upcoming drama, Mohabbat Tujhey Alvida, people have been pointing out the uncanny resemblance the show seems to have to the classic Bollywood film, Judaai. However, Mansha Pasha doesn’t seem to think so. She insists that the show is not a copy of a movie but inspired by an old Pakistani folktale.

Mansha recently used her Instagram to reply to a fan who questioned how she could be a part of a project which is such an obvious rip-off.


Mansha Pasha


She replied to the comment by pointing out that the person needs to broaden their frame of reference. “I feel bad that your only frame of reference is another film. This is an old story folktale from Pakistan called Lilan Chanesar.”


Mansha Pasha


The actress shared a screenshot of the Wikipedia page explaining the plot of Lilan Chanesar. “A story may be inspired but not necessarily from where you think,” Mansha wrote in a caption with the story.

The story is about a woman who trades her husband for a necklace worth 900,000 whereas, in Judaai, the wife (played by the late Sri Devi) trades her husband (Anil Kapoor) for two Crore. Only time will tell where the similarities lie among the two stories.


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