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4 Jun

Mansha Pasha wants people to raise voice for the radio industry

Mansha Pasha

Among all the industries that are suffering due to the unprecedented situations created by the coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan’s Radio Industry seems to be one that has received a hard blow. The already-struggling industry is now at the brink of collapse due to the downturn that the country’s economy has taken. Mansha Pasha has recently spoken up in favour of the radio industry and also urged people to help by raising their voices.

She talked about it over several tweets. “Would like all to please raise their voice for Pakistan’s radio industry esp those who said that Ertugrul provides jobs to voice over artists. Not denying that it does, but here we have more than 100 stations going towards closure. How many jobs is that?” she said.




“The way the local industry is being treated is sad, to say the least. And yet we cry about why our content isn’t as good as others. The Radio has been one of Pakistan’s foremost mediums providing entertainment and information and today, it has come to this,” she added.

She posted these tweets with a picture of the appeal shared by the Pakistan Broadcaster’s Association. They are condemning the recent hike in the price of the broadcaster’s license renewal by PEMRA.


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