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28 Oct

Mantahaa wants you to be fit!

The healthy lifestyle, which seems to be everyone’s latest obsession and pastime, has rapidly become a part of the Pakistani high society culture today. Having your friends nibbling on salads when you meet for lunch has become something many of us are still trying to get accustomed to. So with all things health related on the rise, be it various 29/35/42 day plans or healthy food chains, The Wellness Company held a ‘Spring into Wellness’ event which had various professionals from different fields talking about all things healthy.

Renowned fitness expert Mantahaa Maqsood, co-founder of The Wellness Company, and Pomme Amina Gohar, of Phenoma Events, came together to hold a platform and enlighten us about the dos and don’ts of a healthy lifestyle. Wardha Saleem and Toufiq Pasha were amongst the many speakers, and the talks ranged from topics about anti-ageing, organic farming, fashion in relation to wellness, and so on.


Mantahaa and Wardha


The event itself was a small and well-organized affair, however, the talks didn’t seem enlightening enough since we weren’t hearing anything we didn’t already know. Additionally, most speakers failed to keep the audience’s attention, many of them even had to stop midway and rebuke the audience for chatting in the middle. Halfway through, much of the audience had lost interest and was wandering off to the garden to try out snacks from the healthy bites stall, or were more interested in getting photographed. So much so that a couple of the talks were seemingly cut short, and we even heard one speaker complaining to an organizer that her turn from the listed agenda was left out! Maybe not all of us are as interested in the fit and healthy life as we wish we were.

Perhaps the most confusing segment was the supposed fashion presentation at the end, where two models styled by Angie Marshal and wearing outfits by Zaheer Abbas walked out as the ‘finale’. We aren’t sure how that was related to wellness of any kind or what their part in the whole event was.

Luckily not everything was on decline and the highlight of the night was the soft launch of Mantahaa’s healthy food line, Nude Food, which gained the most attention. After all who doesn’t want some no sugar, low fat, free snacks to keep the body energetic during a long, workday! While speaking to Something Haute, the ever-charming Mantahaa told us that the Nude Food venture was a totally customized diet plan developed according to the clients’ health, needs and likes. The food would be made on order and only after one had a consultation with the expert herself.


Glutten Free Brownies from Mantahaa's Nude Food

Glutten Free Brownies from Mantahaa’s Nude Food


The concept behind ‘Spring into Wellness’ was a fantastic idea; we all know there are enough charlatans trying to benefit from the fitness craze we’re experiencing these days. Mantahaa is someone who is qualified and has some very high profile clients who are an example of how effective her personal training can be. We’ve come away with a new love for fitness and the Nude Food menu, which will be sampled and reviewed very soon. Watch this space!

Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.