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12 Jun

Meera is a director’s dream, says Soni Razdan


Film star Meera is gearing up to make a comeback on the silver screen in Saqib Malik’s directorial debut Baaji later this month. Her lead role in the film is one of the major reasons of the hype surrounding the project. We are eager to watch the film slated to release on June 28 but perhaps there is excitement across the border as well.

In a recent interview with Fifi Haroon for BBC Urdu, Bollywood actor and director Soni Razdan, was all praises for Meera. Soni introduced Meera in Bollywood in 2005 with her film Nazar. When Fifi told her about Meera’s comeback in Baaji, Soni said that Meera is a director’s dream.

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“As an actress, she (Meera) totally gives herself to the director,” Soni shared recalling her experience of directing Meera. “There was a little bit of a cultural problem (in films) because the films she was acting in at that time in Pakistan were a little different to perhaps my approach that I was trying to do in my films. But as an actor, she was a dream; she is always working, she is always on. That killer instinct that she has is what has seen her become such a successful actor,” she added.

Soni also spoke about her last film Raazi which she felt should have released in Pakistan as the film holds nothing against the country and just highlights the intricacies surrounding the Kashmir issue.


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