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23 Apr

Teaser review: Meera steals the limelight in Baaji’s first look


The first look of Meera’s comeback project Baaji has been released and boy what a whirlwind of emotions it showcases!

Saqib Malik’s directorial debut¬†for the big screen is said to be a social drama-cum-thriller set against the backdrop of a fading Lollywood and the emerging new order of the Pakistan film industry. The teaser of the film has lived up to the synopsis as it is high on tension and passion at the same time.

What looks most appealing about the teaser is Meera’s star persona which gives us a nostalgic Lollywood feel. She has been introduced as a superstar whose time is running out. By the looks of it the film has all the ingredients to make it a ‘drama-cum-thriller’ i.e. grand dialoguebaazi, word play, glitz and glam, aspirations and shattering dreams.

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The one-minute 21 seconds preview shows the journey of a superstar which involves a mix of circumstance, resilience, obsession and emotions, as is true for all success stories. The movie explores the different facets of fame where the rise of one person (Amna Ilyas) may become the fall of another (Meera). The riveting tale also features Ali Kazmi, Osman Khalid Butt and Mohsin Abbas Haider in intriguing roles.




The glimpses of Meera dancing with Osman on various occasions, from ballroom dancing to an upbeat number and then to a lush-green valley seems interesting and we can’t wait for the trailer.

Baaji is scheduled to hit the theaters on June 28. Watch the teaser and share your thoughts:



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