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9 Mar

A fashion moment at Park Towers

Meesha Shafi-Rehman and Aamina Sheikh at the TR-10 show at Park Towers today

When L’Oreal invited me to be part of the TR 10 campaign, I agreed simply because I do use L’Oreal moisturizers and shampoos and have been using them for the past ten years or more. TR 10 is very new but I’ve used the White Perfect, Hydrafresh and the Collagen anti aging cream. The main reason to be part of this talk show was, well, most of the women on the show were fashionable and because I really did want to talk about ten things I juggle in my everyday life, how they stress out the skin and how to counter that damage. You can see and hear all that on the program that airs on HUM Tv sometime soon.

What delighted me was Meesha Shafi’s fashion sense: a brightly pleated Muse outfit paired with complimenting high heels from Top Shop. Her lipstick, in true Meesha style, was a florescent shade of pink. Full marks for pulling off a great summer look.

Aamina Sheikh wore a black silk jump suit by Maheen Karim (enjoying a laugh in the background).

Aamina is one of those rare fashion models who are beautiful, intelligent and genuinely talented when they double as actors (or is it the other way around). She carried an effortless evening looks for summer nights out: this black silk Maheen Karim jumpsuit was accessorized with an attached crystal brooch. Paired with dangerously high heels, this look was a killer!

Nabila and Meesha sharing a moment

Nabila, also one of the most stylish women in the industry, thought out of the box, as usual. While most of us opted for safe shades of black and white, Nabila chose an unconventional salmon pink. Pink is the last colour you’d expect to see someone like her wearing but she did. From her own wardrobe, obviously.

Leaving you with an image of the first panel from the talk show. I, by the way, came in the second panel with Yogi Wajahat who claimed he was a professional hypnotic and I challenged him that I was too strong to be hypnotized. More on that after I visit him, which I plan to.

(L-R) Nabila, Maheen Karim, cosmetologist Ujala Zia

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