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16 Jul

Meet the new Don Cavity & Colgate Tooth Defenders in this catchy theme song


What’s the best way to teach young minds about daily dental hygiene? Well… a catchy tune and artistic visuals are best to grab kids’ attention and that is what Colgate always gets right. Colgate Pakistan’s latest campaign on cavity control is just the right blend of cartoons and music to deliver the message across.

Titled Don Cavity Hai Mera Naam, the animated song is the theme of Colgate Tooth Defenders. Meet Don Cavity, a monster who is the enemy of teeth. With a catchy tune, the germ narrates his sticky schemes; he reminds children that he is waiting for them to falter. He will attack their teeth if they eat sweet candies or forget brushing their teeth twice a day. Don Cavity will teeth weaken their teeth and damage them.

By the end of the song, we see a glimpse of one of the adventures of Dr. Rabbit and others. The song will grow on you and it will play in your mind every time you start eating sweets (especially at night). Hum along the catchy tune and make dental hygiene a part of every kid’s routine to fight Don Cavity on their own.

Watch the song here:


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