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20 Nov

Meghan Markle tops the list as world’s most influential fashion icon

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has been in the news for more than just her royal status. Starting her reign in the hearts of the public as soon as she got married to the beloved Prince Harry, it seems like Meghan has since made her mark as being more than a talented actor (she starred in Suits and Castle) and his lady-love, emerging as the most influential dresser in the world in Lyst’s Year in Fashion report.

A global fashion search engine, Lyst led an extensive research in fashion data for the year gone by, and according to it’s thorough analysis, found that Meghan was responsible for the highest spikes in fashion-related searches, sales, coverage, and social media mentions in 2019. “Meghan Markle was the most powerful dresser of 2019 and her outfits sparked, on average, a 216% increase in searches for similar pieces,” reported Lyst.


Meghan Markle in the Club Monaco dress that sold out in less than 24 hours.


The complete report also listed down specific instances when she cast the biggest influence on the world’s fashion choices, from chic dresses to classic accessories. “After she wore five different shirt dresses on the Royal Tour of South Africa, searches for the category grew 45% over a month,” stated Lyst’s fact sheet. “Her Club Monaco dress sold out in less than 24 hours, following a 570% spike in searches and wearing a J Crew skirt saw a 102% increase in searches for the brand,” it continued.

After Lyst‘s intensive data crunching across 6 million fashion products from over 12,000 online stores, , The Duchess is closely followed in by actor Timothee Chalamet snagging the second spot. Zendaya, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Lisa from Blackpink, Kylie Jenner, Lizzo, Harry Styles and Billy Porter close the top 10 most powerful dressers.

The complete report, in all it’s fabulously designed glory, also includes major moments in fashion in 2019, breakout trends and resurgence of some, viral products, and brands that made it big over the year. Find the full report here.


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