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15 Feb

Mehwish Hayat’s telefilm ‘InshaAllah’ adapted as drama serial


In the current scenario of cinema in Pakistan, there are a few names as big as Mehwish Hayat. After her success with Punjab Nahi Jaungi, it seems her Midas touch is hitting her previous projects as well. Thus, a telefilm titled ‘Insha’Allah’ – which released back in 2010 and starred Mohib Mirza is now being rebooted as a short drama serial for an online web channel!

The telefilm, which told a tragic story of a young couple and their baby daughter, also won Mohib Mirza an award for ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ at the UK based The International Filmmaker Festival. The film is now being re-versioned as a five-part online drama serial by The Other Channel. Set in the city of Karachi, ‘Insha’Allah’ shows the horrific issue of people smuggling, and the effects it has on the people involved.

The first episode will release tomorrow, Friday 16th February, via Youtube.

Check out the trailer for the  2010 telefilm here:

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