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22 Jun

Melania Trump takes ‘worst dressed’ to a whole new level

Melania Trump sparked outrage, for all the right reasons, due to her choice of clothing just when she decided to do something noble. She paid a surprise visit to a child immigrant detention center in Texas, Thursday and it would’ve been a winning moment for her, if it weren’t for her choice of clothing.

Predictably, the goodwill gesture was soon marred due to what happened next.

As Melania departed Andrews Air Force Base, she sported a green khaki jacket, reportedly from Zara, which had “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” lettered on the back in white graffiti chalking.

The swift backlash on social media soon took over with many questioning her horrid fashion choice in light of the controversial “zero tolerance” policy that saw hundreds of kids separated from their families as they tried to enter the United States.

Many took to Instagram and bombarded her with posts exuding disgust:


This jacket. At best totally tone deaf and at worst totally insensitive, callous and cruel. Either way, let’s get one thing straight: with a wardrobe of designer clothes and a legion of advisors, wearing this particular jacket was a choice by the First Lady of the United States – and something she considered appropriate to wear to visit children separated from their families. Totally outrageous. It’s been easy up until now to give Melania the benefit of the doubt, but – to paraphrase Maya Angelou – when someone shows you who they are, believe them. And for those, including her staff and husband, who are saying this is “just a jacket”, it’s not. Whether you care about catwalk trends or not, what we wear is a daily reflection of who we are, how we feel and who we want to be whether consciously or unconsciously. The words and, more so, the choice behind wearing it (and the subsequent “justification” from the White House, rather than a rightful apology) are a very real reflection of – paradoxically – the heartlessness at the heart of this administration. . . . #melaniatrump #donaldtrump #usa #idontcaredou #whitehouse #america #flotus #potus

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Others followed…


Buys $40 jacket to 'look relatable': #melania #zara #melaniatrump

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This NYC cartoonist doodled a befitting reply to Melania’s insensitivity.


We Should All Care

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The green hooded military spring jacket instantly sold out on Zara’s website after Melania was spotted wearing it.

The first lady’s spokeswoman scoffed at the uproar about the jacket, saying: “It’s just a jacket. There’s no message.”

After the debacle, the expected happened and President Donald Trump Tweeted in his wife’s defense:



Oh, so we’re supposed to analyse her deepest, inner thoughts as opposed to the message she’s sending loud and clear?

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