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24 Jun

Web series ‘Miss Per-Fact’ captures the concerns of a millennial couple

As the trend for web series rises across the globe, it is also taking a flight in Pakistan. Miss Per-Fact is a new digital series that has been recently launched starring millennial actors, Vardah Aziz and Furqan Qureshi. The show presents a fresh look into the lives of the millennial couple who are living their lives in the contemporary times.

The series was launched on VOGO (Video On The Go), a new entrant in the online web series arena of the country. The story of Miss Per-Fact revolves around a couple, Furqan and Vardah (yes, these are their screen names as well), who fell in love and got married two years ago. They now live alone in a posh apartment in Karachi and deal with situations that mirror the day-to-day problems couples go through in this day and age.



Vardah (the wife) is the embodiment of perfection who wishes to fix everything surrounding her. This includes her husband who is rather confused about how to go about his daily life. At the end of each episode there is a quirky twist which leaves the viewer in fits of laughter. The series is a definite watch if you’re into romantic comedies. This isn’t time consuming, given each episode lasts for a duration of around seven minutes. It’s a fun, lighthearted comedy which brings with it a modern twist to the local entertainment industry.

You can visit VOGO’s digital channels to watch the episodes:




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