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20 Jan

Are the mix chai lovers ready to make a Khaas World Record?

If there is anything that unites Pakistan as a nation other than cricket, it has to be our shared love for chai! In fact, even on days when our team loses a match, it’s only a hot cup of tea that can keep us calm and comfort us. And while we hate to discriminate when it comes to tea at all, it is a known fact that 85% of our tea drinking population craves mix chai the most!

Taking that love to a whole new level, NESTLÉ EVERYDAY is all set to make a Khaas world record. But making a world record is not everyone’s cup of tea, or well, now maybe it is!

The idea is to make the world’s largest saucepan and preparing mix chai in the same using their own new powdered tea creamer variant, Khaas Mix Chai. And teaming up with them is Pakistan’s favourite, Fahad Mustafa who urges all the mix chai lovers to come together for their passion.

Watch the link below to find out how:


Whoever said making a #KHAASWorldRecord is a cup of tea, didn't know it could be literally!! #OfficialAttempt. Click here to find out:

Posted by Nestlé EveryDay on Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018

This is an official Guinness World Record attempt and achieving it would be a win for this chai loving nation! So will NESTLÉ EVERYDAY be able to make this record or not?

Click here to make a #KHAASWorldRecord and be a part of a historical moment. The more votes that will be gathered, the bigger the saucepan will be. You can also cast your vote by dialing 90131 and sending a missed call!

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