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29 Jul

Moammar Rana claims Azaadi producer owes him money

Lollywood star Moammar Rana, who recently made a comeback through the film Azaadi – has accused producer of the film Irfan Malik of not paying him for his work.

Moammar — or Momee as he is fondly called — took to Facebook to make this startling revelation: “Irfan Malik I want my money, you are not responding at all to my calls or messages after the release of #Azaadi its been more than a month now, at least have the decency to call back ,you owe me money ???? #pervezmalikfilms. It does not matter to me how busy you are with your job commitments at #Ary. [sic]”




Something Haute got in touch with Irfan Malik to get his version.

“I think Mr Moammar Rana’s claim is not even worthy of a response. I will not stoop to his level, I have just not been brought up this way,” he said in a telephonic interview. “This is blackmailing and we as a fraternity should discourage it otherwise every tom dick and harry will start defaming respectable people with false Facebook statuses. I come from a military family background and have been taught not to negotiate with terrorists no matter what the nuisance value is,” he added.

In addition, Irfan posted an elaborate response on Facebook:

“Hello All! Hope u are doing well. Imran khan said it right! we are a nation of donkeys and start following and commenting on a narrative or issue we know nothing about. Quran says when u hear a news, check the authenticity before u comment or form an opinion. To clarify 1) I produced the Film and not ARY so lets keep ARY out of it as they only distributed the film. 2) Mr. Moammar Rana comes from a good family and should not be stooping this low for Rs. 50,000 or is the balance Rs. 70,000/- or was that also adjusted on account of some tickets?. Ill not stoop to the same level and talk details) I gave him a fee for Azaadi that he never received and never will receive for a film before or after AZAADI so i really dont know what he is talking about. 3) I was under the impression that the status was about thanking me to give him a lead role in a project that brought him respect after such a long time but anyway my best wishes remain with my friend Mr. Moammar Rana. Regds”

We hope both the parties are able to solve the matter amicably.




Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.