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29 Oct

Model Farwa Kazmi tests positive for COVID-19 following Hussain Rehar’s show


Pakistan was previously one of the countries where the novel coronavirus cases had declined significantly. However, as people started swiftly shifting back to normal routine life while ignoring basic precautionary measures, even though the pandemic is far from over, a sudden rise in positive cases was inevitable.

Model Farwa Kazmi has also been tested positive for COVID-19. The model revealed the news on Instagram yesterday evening and requested everyone who has come in contact with her, to isolate themselves.

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“I am COVID positive. Everyone who has been in touch with me or Ali in the past week, please quarantine yourself,” she requested.



Farwa added that she had initially ignored the symptoms mistaking them for the common flu. “All those with cough, body-aches and headaches but no fever; please get yourself tested. I had delayed it thinking its seasonal cold, but its not.”

She also went on to add the list of symptoms so people can be more aware of the virus and know when to get themselves tested.



Rather than gaining sympathy from netizens, the revelation instantly resulted in more backlash as she had recently attended Hussain Rehar’s solo show. Farwa was criticized for not practicing social distancing and putting so many other lives at risk.

“I showed only one symptom a week back at the show which was cough and is not enough for anybody to go and get themselves tested for corona,” she clarified. “Stop blaming people for something they’re not aware of. If I had flu-like symptoms I would have gotten myself tested before.”

Farwa said she had been in strict quarantine for months, and therefore missing one show would not have been an issue for her. “I am very well aware of my responsibility towards others,” she added.

According to the latest reports by the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), 908 persons have been tested positive for COVID-19 in 24 hours.


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