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28 Sep

Mohsin Abbas Haider reveals details about his character in ‘Baaji’

Mohsin Abbas Haider is not afraid to take challenges and explore different genres, and his ongoing drama, Meri Guriya is proof. The actor is also part of Saqib Malik’s directorial debut, Baaji which stars Meera in a career-defining title role.

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“As an actor, Baaji really intrigued me. We do a lot of commercial work but this is different,” said Mohsin in an exclusive chat with Something Haute.

Saqib Malik, the director, and the story were what basically compelled him to sign this project. Mohsin revealed that the male actors were already told that it will be a female-oriented film.

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“It is about a female artist whose career is towards its decline, however, despite being a female-oriented film, all the characters hold their importance and so I signed this film.”



Talking about his role, he said, ” I play a young guy from androon Lahore who is passionate about his career. He’s a small town guy with big dreams.”

Amna Ilyas is paired opposite Moshin in the film. “My character is in love with Amna’s (character) and the journey that affection takes him on is also a parallel story.”

One cannot talk about Baaji and not ask about Meera, and so we asked him about his experience working with the Lollywood diva.

“I don’t have a lot of scenes with Meera Jee but I’ll have to say, as a co-actor, she’s very professional and a wonderful artist. She knows her work and it was a fun experience.”

He added that they had to face absolutely no issues regarding the controversies that she’s unfortunately famous for.

Baaji is a tribute of sorts to the gripping story and character oriented classics of Pakistani cinema of the 70s. However, it will be very contemporary in its nature and execution. It promises to be a film with a difference and is scheduled to hit the screens in mid-2019.


Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.