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27 Nov

Momina Mustehsan and Bilal Saeed’s new Punjabi track ‘Baari’ is melodious & sweet

The country’s sweetheart Momina Mustehsan has just released a new song in collaboration with Bilal Saeed, and it’s the sweetest song we’ve heard in a while.

Titled Baari, the song is accompanied by a gorgeous music video featuring lovely shots of old Lahore, exuding a warm, loving vibe that is perfectly in sync with the lyrics of the song; they talk about allowing love to come into one’s life through doorways specially created for it, where previously there have been high walls.



A melodious Punjabi track, that is faintly reminiscent of Mann Bharya during the chorus, Baari is sure to be a hit because it appeals to the kind of demographic that Momina commands; the young lovers who are finding their way in love and would have a playlist of love songs dedicated to long nights. Momina, of course is in her element, with her statement charm shining through the length of the video as she embodies the shy, young girl who’s falling in love. Bilal on the other hand is on point as a guy visiting old Lahore from abroad and being enchanted with the charm and beauty there.

The video also features popular YouTuber Rahim Pardesi in a cameo at the start, playing Bilal’s friend who constantly teases him for not spending enough time with him and instead waiting to catch a glimpse of the lovely Momina. That’s when we see Momina walking in with her friends and the song starts off.

Produced and presented by Bilal Saeed and One Two Records, the song hit YouTube on the 26th of November and has already amassed more than 600,000 views in less than a day. Watch it here:



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