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11 Aug

Monday Motivation: 5 times celebrities inspired us last week


Times are tough and the world is craving for positivity and motivation. While many view the glass as half-empty, this is the time to change your approach and see the glass half-full. Staring the new week with the same affirmation, we’ve listed some of the best news we heard about local celebrities in the last week.

The last few days are an example of how women are changing the world one step at a time: some got hitched, some praised those who are under-valued while a few opened up new conversations.

Here is a dose of goodness for for Monday motivation:

1. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy & Maheen Sadiq’s Emmy nomination

Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s documentary Freedom Fighters got nominated in the ‘Best Feature Story in a News Magazine’ category for the 41st Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards. Co-directed by Maheen Sadiq, the series features the work of four female filmmakers who have produced films focused on women empowerment.

2. Mahira Khan gave credit where it’s due

Mahira Khan recently highlighted how technical staff and various other categories associated to film-making in Pakistan are under-appreciated. She took to Instagram and posted a picture with choreographer, Nigah jee, and wrote that “it’s about time we get to see choreographers, cinematographers, art directors, makeup/hairstylists, editors etc get recognition. Our films/dramas are nothing without them.”

Nigah jee with Mahira Khan

3. 4 empowered Pakistani women took over the digital space

Director Asim Abbasi brought 4 empowered women to the forefront in Churails, crushing the chains of patriarchy. It is commendable that a man wrote and directed a script that represents women in different shades, rather than only black and white. That’s the kind of motivation we need!

Nimra Bucha, Sarwat Gilani, Yasra Rizvi & Mehr Bano in Churails

4. Aamina Sheikh began a new phase of life

It is unfortunate but holds true that a woman’s second marriage in our society is viewed as an accomplishment. Well… though it is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, it is indeed a good news to find out that Aamina Sheikh has started another phase of her life with her daughter and husband, Omar Farooqui. We wish her all the happiness!

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5. Ayesha Omar’s conversation with Rose McGowan

Ayesha Omar recently held an important session with Hollywood actor and prominent activist of the global #MeToo movement, Rose McGown about sexual harassment in their respective industries. McGowan was a prominent part of the Harvey Weinstein trial. In 2017, she opened up about the sexual assault she faced at the hands of the now-convicted American producer.

Rose Mcgowan and Ayesha Omar


Syeda Zehra

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