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24 Jul

Morey Saiyan from Parey Hut Love is everything we imagined and more

Arguably the most awaited song from the upcoming movie, Parey Hut Love, just released and with Mahira Khan leading the visuals, it is everything you could’ve imagined and more!

Morey Saiyan features Mahira Khan in a gorgeous red pishwas that boasts a richness that is reminiscent of a bygone era. Dancing to the soothing tunes of a sarangi, Mahira is seen whirling and twirling gracefully under the high ceilings of a typical durbar, making us majorly envious of her effortless grace and elegance.



With Zeb Bangash lending her beautiful vocals to the classical tunes in the background, the song is a melodious rendition of love and longing for the beloved. Stunning visuals, expert camera work, gorgeous production value in terms of audio as well as visuals make the song easily one of the best that our industry has churned out in recent times.


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There are obvious parallels, or should we say inspiration, that can be drawn between Morey Saiyan and videos for songs like Deewani Mastani and more such typically classical songs; save for the color scheme and the music of course. But then again, there are so many ways one can depict that vibe and we really can’t blame the makers for having similar visuals. If anything, it’s a feat that they pulled it off with such aplomb and grandiose.

It is a definite treat to watch and listen to, and we love how our industry seems to be progressing in the right direction. Watch the music video here:



Yumna Aftab