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11 Jan

Nadia Jamil is ready for TV after a tough battle against cancer

Actor Nadia Jamil, who last appeared in human trafficking based drama, Damsa has fought a long hard battle against cancer and is now preparing to grace our television screens once again.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020 and since then, has gone through a health crisis. She underwent surgery and sessions of chemotherapy, however, she kept sharing joy and positivity with her fans and followers on social media.

In August, the high-spirited actor revealed that she is “out of the danger zone”. She also shared details about her journey that became an inspiration for many.

Now, the actor has shared another heartfelt note on social media announcing that she’s ready for ‘desi’ television once again, now that she has her hair back. “Getting my hair back. I guess I’ll be needing it to get back into acting on desi TV again,” she wrote thanking God for his infinite blessings.

“But I will never forget facing & overcoming the fear of being bald, of feeling beautiful with no hair. Bald Nado taught me how to be my own best friend. She fought cancer, suicidal depression, debilitating arthritis, diabetes, during Covid lockdowns and she fought knowing she had to fight alone,” she further shared that it was a blessing in disguise. “What a blessing I have been to myself.”



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Not only has her journey made her a stronger human, but she has also inspired many others who often lose hope in similar times of crisis. We look forward to seeing Nadia Jamil shine in life as well as on our TV screens.


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