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21 Nov

Nadia Jamil makes TV comeback with a drama on child trafficking

Nadia Jamil, who is known for her gripping portrayal of strong roles for over more than a decade, is returning to the TV screens after a short hiatus in drama serial Damsa.

The teasers for the drama serial paint a grim picture and set the tone for the story, which focuses on child trafficking and Nadia’s harrowing journey as the mother of a child who falls victims to the monsters behind the vice. Airing on ARY Digital, the teasers also feature Shahood Alvi, presumably as her husband and Saleem Mairaj in the haunting role of a member of the child trafficking ring, while the titular character of the child, Damsa, is played by Emaan Khan.


Nadia plays the role of a mother who has lost her child to trafficking


Produced under Showcase Productions, written by Asma Nabeel and helmed by Najaf Bilgrami as director, the project is extremely close to Nadia’s heart, as it should be for the audience as well for it’s enthralling take on a terrifying issue that is on a rise across the world. Speaking to Daily Times earlier this year, Nadia expressed the importance of the project; “Child trafficking and child protection are huge issues in Pakistan. We cannot talk about it enough. It is high time things change for children here. The status quo has been disgusting for children for decades and decades now,” she said.

The trailer depicts the moment her beloved child, Damsa, is kidnapped in front of her and taken away in a van, from where on we see Damsa being subjected to vile abuse while her mother despairs for her lost child. At one point she screams for her mom as a scalpel is raised in front of her, and the one scene itself is enough to send chills down your spine.

Just from the two teasers that the team has released, it is apparent that the drama is not for the faint-hearted, however if you’re looking to broaden your perspective on horrific things that are very much a reality and continue to be shoved under the rug, it’s imperative you watch this drama. We hope it turns out to be everything it promises in the teasers.

Watch the teaser here:



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