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26 Jun

Nadia Jamil reveals why she turned down a role in ‘Veer-Zaara’

Nadia Jamil has been a key figure in the Pakistani industry who has aided the re-establishment of contemporary theater in Pakistan. On the much awaited 100th episode of  Samina Peerzada’s show, Nadia talked about many interesting and sensitive topics, including details about her personal life.

One interesting  disclosure was when the actress shared that she was offered a role in Yash Chopra’s blockbuster Veer-Zaara.

“The turning point in my career was when I met Yash uncle and he offered me a role in Veer-Zaara. I was at crossroads but I came to the realization that if I get addicted to this (Bollywood), it will become very difficult. I had to choose between pursuing acting or being a hands-on mother.”

The role was offered to her when her son was merely two months old and she prioritized her family over her acting career.

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Nadia also talked about how till date she does not regret the choice she made, even though the character that was offered to her was of Rani Mukerji, who was playing Shah Rukh Khan’s defense lawyer in the movie. However, even after she missed the role, she established life-long friendship with the Chopra family.

Nadia also discussed her struggles in the media industry and went on to share that she feels very strongly about her upcoming project, Daamsa, which is produced by Wajahat Rauf. The story line is said to revolve around child abuse, a topic which is close to Nadia’s heart.


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