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9 Mar

Nai Rang: another celebration of unconventional beauty by Generation


At a time when diversity and inclusivity are the new age mantra, it is painful to still find fairness creams a popular consumer item. However, popular high street band Generation, which has recently taken up the social responsibility to bring about a change by being the voice of reason, has chosen to take another step in the progressive direction.

After the phenomenal hit of avant-garde campaigns like #StepOutside and Greater than Fear, the brand brings Nai Rang; a collection that celebrates Spring and its myriad of colours with models of diverse skin tones.

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Of course, the models for this campaign are just as beautiful as the clothes themselves. There’s Maham, termed as the Gulab, who is an enchantingly rich shade of umber, followed by Zainab the Kanwal, who has a skin condition that in actuality renders her in all shades of beautiful. Rabia the Chambeli is stark, and bewitchingly void of pigmentation while Alina the Gul Khatmi is bright and striking. With this campaign, the brand not only aims to project body positivity, but also give the lesson that any garment in any colour can be worn by any woman.

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With Nai Rang the brand is said to have experimented with colours and a mix of fabrics like never before. Using yarn-dyed weaves, hand block and screen prints with signature jacquards to self-textured, striped and embossed variants; the collection has a colour palette that encompasses classic whites, lustrous emeralds, delicate shades of sky blue, ebony and powdered pinks.

What we would have loved even more is to see this collection on the ramp, brought to life with models of different sizes and skin tones– a concept we are yet to adopt.

Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.

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