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18 Jul

Naila Jaffri passes away after battling cancer

Veteran actor Naila Jaffri passed away on Saturday after fighting a tough battle against ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

Her friend Furqan Siddiqui shared the news of her demise on Twitter.

“My very dear friend & colleague Nyla Jafri has passed away in Karachi battling cancer for a long time. She was a brave person who fought this disease for years without taking any Govt support. You & ur million dollar smile will be missed forever. You will be at a better place,” he wrote.



The senior actor who has given some great performances to the entertainment industry was fighting for her life and survival. A video posted earlier on Twitter by Furqan Siddiqui where Naila requested royalties for the re-runs of her dramas to pay for the treatment made headlines and several artists raised their voice following the incident.

She said that royalties would have made her bearing the expenses of her fight easier.

“A lot of other people might not need such money, but when you haven’t been working for a while, and have no support, these things become very important,” she had stated.

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As knowledge of her passing spread on social media, several celebrities shared their grief and sentiments.



May her soul rest in peace.

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