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8 May

Nasir Khan Jan reacts to bullying incident on morning show

Nasir Khan Jan, who is well known for his humorous videos and has an extensive fan base which is spread throughout Pakistan, was recently called for an interview on Samaa TV during which he was mercilessly bullied.

During the interview, Samaa TV host Muhammed Shoaib ridiculed the social media sensation multiple times, calling his videos vulgar. Responding to Nasir’s comment that he’s a social media star, the host rudely said, “Khud sakta star hain? Log lanatien detain hain, bash kartay hain, log aap se nafrat kartay hain [Are you a self-proclaimed star? People curse you and despise you.]

After repetitive bashing, during which he managed his composure really well, Nasir said, “Trolls are a part of social media; which even the biggest celebrities of social media have to face. You need to accept them.”

The host kept putting Nasir in a spot, constantly implying that his video are incessantly vulgar and unacceptable for any platform. He also kept addressing Nasir in a high-pitched tone, almost screaming at him at times, with no regard for journalism ethics.

Nasir has since released a video message, thanking fans for their support and raising their voices for him. “TV channels that invite people to their shows must show respect to their guests. I didn’t even know these kinds of questions would be asked. I am very thankful to my fans and hope they will continue to support me,” he said.



The question it all comes down to is, how insensitive it is for the host of a well-reputed channel to invite a guest to their show and constantly target and make backhanded jokes at them and their work. If the host really had a problem with Nasir or his work, why did he even invite such a “disliked personality” to their show?

The viewers, as they should, found the host’s demeanor rude and took to social media to voice their concerns:





All of this did prompt host Muhammed Shoaib to respond:



There’s also a petition going around on social media calling for Samaa TV to issue a public apology to Nasir. Here, check out the interview and let us know what you think:



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