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9 Nov

National Amateur Short Film Festival aims to pave way for aspiring filmmakers


Attention film aficionados!

National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF) has been launched to provide a motivational platform for aspiring filmmakers in the country. NASFF is exclusively invested in advancing opportunities for ingenious and endowed youth at national level. It is an opportunity for the young filmmakers in Pakistan, who can produce high-quality short films, to represent a progressive image of Pakistan worldwide.

Launched in high spirits, the festival kick-starts a talent expedition all across Pakistan. The event to launch the platform was held on Monday morning and was attended by renowned names from the entertainment industry including actors Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Zara Noor Abbas, Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed, Wahaj Ali, Bilal Abbas Khan, Mashal Khan, Qasim Khan (Alpha Bravo Charlie) and senior actors like Ayub Khoso. These talented artists came forward to voice their support for NASFF and its objectives.

The artists as ambassadors spoke at the event to inspire the new and upcoming filmmakers to be passionate about their work and learn the skills before entering the field. The festival hints at a new beginning and as an outcome, we can foresee a surge in cinematography that will revolutionize how our film industry as well as our nation is perceived in the world. The NASFF is a global manifesto that will leave a mark internationally and will also open doors to a brand new vocation in Pakistan.

Ambassadors at the Festival

Speaking at the launch, actor Wahaj Ali said: “Normally we complain a lot that we don’t find good opportunities, but this is the time to praise and not complain! NASFF is the right platform for you to participate and show your skills.”

Singer-cum-actor Farhan Saeed, who will soon make his big screen debut in Tich Button, also encouraged the students to apply. “If you have talent, I promise you this is the best opportunity!” he said.

Actress Mashal Khan expressed: “NASFF is essentially an opportunity for our very talented and creative youth to get out there and showcase what they have to offer the world!”

Iqra Aziz is happy to be a part of such a good platform. “It is a wonderful platform and I am glad to be a part of it!” she said.

Honours and Awards

NASFF captures the genuine essence of our scenic nation and sheds light on the fact that this newly- launched festival is the most pragmatic concept to align perceptions with the reality of Pakistan. It is a custom-made platform that enrolls six themes from which 18 short films will be elected. The pre-eminent objective is that there will be awards for best film in each category and mobile film category awards as well. Apart from this, there will be apportioned skill set awards and special jury’s appreciation awards. One of the most fascinating elements is that high achievers of the competition will be awarded scholarships for advanced studies in the most reputable film schools of the world in any film production related course.

The event has clearly projected that Pakistan has enough untapped potential and with good opportunities like NASFF, we can turn budding filmmakers into renowned names, who will represent the nation worldwide. It is high time we take advantage of this pronounced step taken by the ISPR.

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