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20 Jul

Netflix: 10 movies & TV shows trending in Pakistan today


Streaming platforms like Netflix are convenient; in fact they have become our best friends in the current global pandemic situation, providing us in-house entertainment and comfort. However, sifting through thousands of old and new titles in its library is a daunting task. Thankfully, the medium provides some of the most accurate suggestions as well as keeps us informed about what’s trending in our region.

Here are the top 10 movies and TV shows that were streamed on Netflix in Pakistan (from the most trending to the least) in the last week making it to Monday’s list:

#1: Cursed

The series restages the Arthurian legend with a contemporary sensibility. Katherine Langford plays Nimue, a young woman whose sense of righteousness is inflected by, and inflamed with, a destiny to lead her people through a time of upheaval.

#2: Resurrection: Ertugrul

The Turkish series is still amongst the top favourites in Pakistan. If you haven’t seen it then here is your chance to watch it before Netflix decides to drop it.


#3: Dark Desire

For countrymen’s love for erotica was evident when Fifty Shades made it to Netflix. The current favourite is Mexican exotic-thriller series, Dark Desire.

#4: Old Guard

The action-fantasy film stars Charlize Theron adn was released on July 10. It is a story of a group of mercenaries, all centuries-old immortals, with the ability to heal themselves. They discover that someone is onto their secret, and they must fight to protect their freedom.

#5: Dark

The mind-numbingly confusing German time-travelling series, Dark, is the talk of the town these days. With three seasons, the mystery sci-fi series is addictive with many twists and turns.

#6: 365 Days

All we can say is that this Polish erotic drama got more famous for its lead actor rather than anything meaningful.


#7: MIL*

As suggested by the odd title of the film, this is a story based in the south of France where three best friends in their 40s navigate loss and heartbreak while embarking on steamy affairs with much younger men.

#8: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Happy to see some magic and wizard-related content trending on Netflix. This is a sequel to 2016’s first part and narrates how Grindelwald plans to raise an army of wizards to rule over non-magical beings. Potterheads can find Albus Dumbledore in it.

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#9: Friends

Much has been written and spoken about the most-beloved American sitcom, Friends. If you’re excited for the upcoming reunion of the cast for the HBO Max Special then catch up on all the previous seasons here.

#10: Indian Matchmaking

This Indian reality TV web show explores the horrors of arranged marriages in India with stories about rishta aunties, colorism, caste and much more.


Syeda Zehra

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute. A journalist by profession, the writer has a penchant for films, fashion and music.