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11 May

Never felt pressured, it was a purely personal choice: Misbah Mumtaz gets candid about nose job

We’re living in strange times. On one hand, we tend to judge people who do not meet certain — and often times unrealistic — beauty standards while on the other, those who resort to cosmetic procedures in an attempt to meet those unrealistic standards are looked down upon.

How is one supposed to find the fine line between both, then? Pakistani model Misbah Mumtaz, who recently got a nose job done, has decided to break taboos by opening up about her cosmetic procedure. “Beauty standards these days are extremely high,” she said in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. “It is rather difficult to face people when they ridicule you, when they label you as dark, overweight or ugly. I have had to face this too,” she added.

Before and After the procedure

Misbah said that these days it’s important to look beautiful and maintain oneself and cosmetic procedures are a tool people around the world use to achieve their ideal look. “Even if you see outside the industry people are under a lot of pressure to look beautiful because the societal norms have been molded as such.”

Asked what prompted her to address this publicly given most celebs shy away from talking about their beauty enhancement procedures, Misbah said, “I don’t think there’s any harm in publicly accepting it. When I uploaded my status on Facebook about my procedure, people also began to share their own personal experiences. The awareness, however, which needs to be created is that people should be able to openly accept everything and not keep it under wraps in fear of what others might think of them.”

What encouraged her to get a rhinoplasty done, was it pressure from the industry or a personal choice? “Well, I have working in this field for a while and have never felt pressured by anyone. I was, in fact, inspired by a lot of people from the industry who had gone through the procedure and the result was amazing. This encouraged me; it was a purely personal choice.”


Sara Zaman
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