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28 Nov

No, I am not quitting: Kubra Khan

Kubra Khan, who is currently playing the pivotal role of Husn-e-Jahan in the hit drama serial Alif, recently made headlines when she said that she may quit the entertainment industry in an interview with BBC Asian Network. However, in an exclusive interview with Something Haute, the starlet clarified what she actually meant with her statement.

Kubra sat down with Something Haute for an in-depth conversation about her role in Alif, why she decided to take it on, what she learned and how it’s influenced her life. Midway, of course, we had to touch upon the very worry-some tit bit she had shared with Haroon Rashid last week, and inquired about her saying that she might quit the industry. Giving away a laugh, she dove into clarifying what she actually meant.

“There were two things that I said about quitting. One thing was that there was a point last year when I thought that I could’ve let go of everything altogether, but this was before Alif, or maybe middle of it. And then, obviously, I continued. Actually Alif played a part in my decision,” she said, emphasizing the impact that Alif has had on her, essentially becoming the reason she even decided to stay back in the industry at that point.



She went on to explain the journey she’s found herself on, and is actually choosing for herself. “I’ve chosen to be on this journey, which ofcourse doesn’t mean that I’ve turned into a sufi or will start taking the hijab or anything. It’s more about making myself a better person than I was yesterday. That’s what the journey is about. And I have just decided that I don’t want to do things that would displease Allah to the point of no return. I don’t want to be so deeply involved in something that I can’t find my way back,” the actress explained about her newfound purpose and motto in life.

“So what I actually said was that I actually love my art,  I love it to bits, but if at any point in my life I feel that I’m deviating from my connection, then yes, I might quit completely, but as of now, no, I’m not quitting. But yes, I’m trying to find my balance,” she concluded. So, yes, there you have it! She’s not quitting anytime soon guys, unless she finds it necessary.

That’s a sigh of relief if we ever took one; ofcourse we love seeing Kubra on screen with her effortless charm and distinctive acting prowess. More power to her. You can watch the entire interview here:



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