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27 May

Nobby’s Café opens in Karachi next week

Karachi is a haven for foodies. Dining out is the city-dweller’s favourite pastime and the options vary from affordable and yet irresistible street food to fine dining at par with anywhere in the world. Restaurants and cafés open every other day, all vying for the top spot amongst the cool crowd. Eyeing that very spot and launching next week, is Nobby’s Café, opening in the bustling Bukhari Commercial area on May 30.

Nobby’s, which literally means high end, welcomes you with a very chic aura. You can walk down into the lower level for a warm and private setting or you can opt for ground level dining if you want to experience the hustle bustle of everyone going in and out.

Over to the food…


The stuffed mushrooms


The dining options are an improvisation of intercontinental cross-border dining, which means you’ll get a combination of everything you step out of the house to feed on. We were a group of four and eager to get as much diversity in our first tasting, all ordered different things.

The starters, we have to say, were the champions of the meals. The Pate Stuffed Mushrooms were crumbed and pan fried, oozing cheesy goodness. The Crab au Gratin had great, soulful texture and were delectable enough to want to scrape every iota of goodness out of the shells they were served in. The Cold Roast Beef Salad wasn’t as exciting as we had hoped for but the Fresh Tomato Basil Soup was a tomato lover’s paradise. It was perfect in its balance of roasted tomatoes, basil, garlic and broth.


Crab au gratin with garlic bread


Having stuffed ourselves on the starters, we were pretty full by the time our main course came, but then we were also too curious to resist it. The Tamarind Fish was tasty and came with a sweet potato mash that could have looked more presentable but tasted just like a sweet potato mash should. One of us ordered the Moza Melt Beef Burger and someone else ordered the Rosemary Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce. Attempting to cover all protein bases, we also ordered the Stuffed Chilli Beef Steak, which was essentially two fillets of steak on a bed of mash with fiery stuffed chillis on the side. There was room for improvement, sure, but it was all very promising in the use of perfect ingredients.

The coffee, we have to say, was the perfect was to end the mean, since we had no room for dessert. A cold, hazelnut latte hit just the right spot.

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The Haute Team

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