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8 Jul

Our media should be hanged because it is not educating the viewers: Naumaan Ijaz

Naumaan Ijaz

Naumaan Ijaz is one of the most recognized veteran actors of the Pakistani entertainment industry. He is not often seen on the screen because he is selective about his work, however, he is still well respected for his wisdom, acting prowess and experience. Recently, the actor gave an interview where he clearly expressed his disappointment on how the drama industry has moved into a drastically different direction in terms of professionalism and content.

During a live session with director and producer Rafay Rashdi on his Instagram, Naumaan shared what he witnessed during the decades he has spent working in the industry.



The Mera Saaein actor spoke in detail about how he believes content has changed in the industry. “Prior to the arrival of private channels in Pakistan, dramas used to come from all over the four provinces. They would educate you on all the cultures, their customs and folk stories. Now, all dramas talk about is unnecessary domestic issues. What is happening? What are they doing? They are failing to engage audiences,” he said.

“Does it happen anywhere that the entire family is taking revenge from each other? If you show the wrong thing, then that’s what’s going to happen. I believe our media should be hanged because they’re failing to educate audiences,” he added.


Naumaan Ijaz


“You (media houses) need to wake up! Your dramas have diminished. These people are just sleeping and feeding on an empty box. ” Talking about viewer’s exposure to streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Naauman is of the view that “channels need to show them equally evoking and informational content in order for them to return to television.”

When he was asked about whether the crux of the problem is unprofessional attitude, Naumaan replied by saying, “This industry doesn’t know what professionalism is. Producers have to beg the broadcasters to pay them their money that is due. Also, directors aren’t as respected as before. Unfortunately, we have lost everything including morals, values, respect, norms, everything.”

Naumaan concluded that the country is it’s own worst enemy and that everything that has been ruined, has been done by our own people.


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