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31 Aug

Aamina Sheikh hopes to empower girls with PAGE

Aamina Sheikh

After receiving major acclaim for her big screen presence in Asim Abbasi’s Cake, Aamina Sheikh is again in the limelight for all the right reasons, as she has joined hands with PAGE – Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education to become their global brand ambassador.

She announced it on her social media accounts earlier this week. Aamina shared that she is honoured to join hands with the organization and is committed to achieving gender equality and gender equity in education across Pakistan.

Regarding this, she gave a small interview in Instep where she informed that she was approached for the role of global ambassador for girls’ education sometime in May while she was promoting Cake across the globe. She went through the statistics, did her research and accepted the offer.

“It really kind of hit home,” Aamina said. “I understood one ground reality and it made me align with it. They feel that the kind of work I’ve done in my career has been impactful in terms of girl empowerment, like giving voice through my characters, so it aligned very well to the whole theme.”

A birthday spent well 😊 We thought why not use this day to celebrate the girls of the Star schools, inculcate the concepts of self respect and self worth in them. Open their awareness to the fact that their birth into this world and their journey of self realisation and potential is reason enough for joy, it is to be nurtured absolutely. To gently steer them to unlock their minds, their consciousness and give them the techniques and abilities to use it well. And what an amazing engagement it turned out to be. Feeling so blessed and grateful to be given this opportunity. Thank you PAGE for this mission of a new vision. Here is to achieving our mission of educating 1 million Pakistani children in three years and make every child’s birth a happy one. . . . . . . #pakistanallianceforgirlseducation #togetherforonemillion #pakistan #togetherfor10millionglobal #itispossible #ambassadorofchange #globalambassador #page #page_pakistan @PAGEpakistan @fajerrabia @nbukhari @itswasimahmed #aaminasheikh . . . . . #actor #celebrity #pakistaniactor #socialrights #activist #activism #socialwork #education #showbiz #pakistan #lahore #entertainment #karachi #islamabad #theater #film #movies #dramas #tvshows

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The actress also spoke about utilising the agency given to them being actors for the betterment of others.

“Personally as well, being a mother of a girl child, these issues are a lot more in my vision now,” she continued. “And I think it’s also time; once you reach a certain point in your career and in your life, it is important to take on things which are more than your own self and make an impact. The kind of voice we have as actors, as public figures, we have that influence and a connection with our audience. So why not use that for a higher purpose? It totally makes sense to be an ambassador of change.”

Aligning with the United Nations’ campaign called ‘Educate a Child’ and their mission is to educate 10 million children around the world – out of which one million fall in Pakistan, PAGE has come together to focus on educating those 1 million out-of-school children in a span of three years approximately.

“I’ll be advocating it on whichever platforms and opportunities I get,” the actress explained. “I will talk about it and will be a part of fundraisers in this regard. The idea is to attract more people towards it, using my influence. Secondly, given my profession and my interests such as production, acting, etc., I want to contribute to elevating the narratives and the stories told by the media. That could be through drama serials, through online content, through films. I would want to work on stories that I find in these experiences with girls.”

As part of the initiative, three ‘Star Schools’ have recently been opened in Gilgit (Ishpitaas, Sharothingi, Harpoon), along with four in Islamabad. Being the global brand ambassador of PAGE, Aamina, along with her daughter Meissa, spent her birthday last week with young girls enrolled in the Star Schools to inculcate the concepts of self-respect and self-worth in them.

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