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13 Jun

Pak vs Aus: Where do Shaniera Akram’s loyalties lie?

Shaniera Akram

Cricket World Cup fever is on an all time high these days and it amplifies up a notch every time Pakistani players step into the ground. The seesawing match between Pakistan and Australia on Wednesday was yet another example when our alliances get dodgy. On one side, there is the defending champions, Australia and on the other is the stellar performance of Mohammed Amir that curtailed Aussies to 307 runs in the first innings. The situation led one Twitter user to ask Shaniera Akram who she supports amongst the two nations?

“Real test is for Shaniera. Which country has your support in today’s match bhabi?” the tweet read.

Shaniera cleared that her allegiance is undoubtedly with Pakistan. “I think we all know that answer to this question, I’m in it for the long haul, Pakistan ZINDABAD all the way ………sorry Dad! #PakVsAus #CWC2019 #MyNameIsAkram,” she replied.


Shaniera Akram


Unfortunately, Australia wrapped up the match and won by 41 runs, but now we know that Shaniera is rooting for Pakistan in World Cup 2019. She even boosted the team’s morale after the defeat.



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