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10 Feb

Pakistan Super League’s latest ad campaign is a blatant copy of old Indian TVCs

Pakistan Super League

The fifth edition of Pakistan Super League is about to begin within a few weeks on 20th February and cricket fans across the country are enthusiastic. As much as Pakistanis are excited for the tournament to kick off, the latest advertisement campaign of PSL has somehow dampened the spirits because of its blatant plagiarism.

Viewers instantly realized that these TV commercials made by official sponsor of the tournament i.e HBL, are unabashedly (scene by scene and dialogue by dialogue) copy of a India’s Virgin Mobile’s IPL campaign from 2010.

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The biggest question here is why do we suffer from sheer lack of creativity? And then why the ad agency responsible for the campaign or the sponsor that hired the said ad agency cannot ensure novelty at least in advertisements of a tournament that is taken as our national pride. Last but definitely not the least, if copying an idea wasn’t embarrassing enough, the original belonged to none other than our cricketing arch-rivals, India.

Watch the comparison between the two ad campaigns here:




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