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21 Feb

Pakistani filmmaker Shahrukh Tariq’s award-winning film can now be watched on YouTube

The young and upcoming Pakistani filmmaker Shahrukh Tariq has just released his award-winning film Buray Phansay on YouTube. The movie is an action-comedy short film about two friends who pray for a way out of their mundane lives but fall into a series of twisted events when they find their escape. The film has received numerous international as well as local awards and nominations since 2018 including Best Short Film – Starzplay SSFC 2019, Best Short Film – Asia South East-Short Film Festival, Cambodia 2019 and many more.

“It’s an action-comedy short film which was made back in 2018. This film’s storyline revolves around two friends who are exhausted from their monotonous routine and end up finding a bag full of money which they consider to be an escape. But this bag is like a Pandora’s box and unveils a series of twisted events, placing them in bigger trouble,” Shahrukh disclosed in an exclusive interview with Something Haute.

He added that he had always wanted to experiment with different genres of film and chose this particular genre because of the lack of such films in the Pakistani industry today. He dedicated his work to Edgar Wright, a famous Hollywood director who Shahrukh felt had one of the greatest filmmaking styles he had ever seen. That is what he tried to incorporate while editing his film. He also wanted to share that none of this would have been possible without his entire production cast and crew.

He is now working on a web series, which is expected to be released by summer 2020.

Watch the film here:



Eman Lakhany