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19 Mar

Is the latest Pakistani TVC featuring Kareena Kapoor plagiarised?


If you’ve been watching PSL in the last few weeks, we’re sure you must have come across a certain hair colour product TVC featuring Kareena Kapoor during the plethora of breaks. However, if the ad made you question the Bollywood actress’ choice of product selection like it did to us, we think you might have donned on the investigative cap too!

Making rounds on social media already, the TVC featuring Kareena shows the ever-glamourous actress using the hair colouring product and endorsing it with a signature slogan at the end. But wait, what if we tell you the ad’s content isn’t actually original?




According to various online sources, the television commercial has blatantly taken pieces from a 2016 Indian hair product advertisement named BBlunt (a product by Godrej) featuring – no guesses here – Kareena Kapoor. From using the same bits to just replacing the original brand’s name for the local brand, the advertisement is now being questioned for plagiarism on social media.




Although it remains unknown if the local brand has purchased rights for the TVC concept or used it without permission, it surely raises concern over copyright and intellectual property laws in the country, along with the dearth of original ideas in the market.

Check out the original ad and the local rendition here:






What do you think is the real story behind it? Tell us in the comments section below. 

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