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19 Mar

Pakistani web series Shameless Proposals to release on March 29

Shameless Proposals

Slowly venturing into digital mediums, Pakistan’s entertainment industry now seems enthusiastic about conquering the world of web. After Wajahat Rauf’s Enaaya, producer Sadia Jabbar is now releasing her first web series titled Shameless Proposals. 

Directed by Hunny Haroon and written by the O Rangreza writer Saji Gul, this web series aims to create a conversation about the concept of arranged marriages and the process of finding the ‘perfect girl’. Through satire and comedy, the series highlights how women are forced to like a man they know nothing about, yet should marry under an arranged setting.

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With a cast of young actors, the trailer comically depicts the problematic nature of an arranged marriage and a quest for a girl who must pick one suitor out of the seven proposals she receives.

It stars with a dialogue “sab kaam karr lete hoon, gol roti, chakour roti, tikoun roti, taaka, jhaaru. Bas aap mujhe biha ke le jaen jaldi se” (I can do everything from making round, square and triangle rotis to cleaning the house. Please, just marry me as soon as possible), which sheds light on the demands and expectations associated with a girl, no matter her educational or social background.

In a press statement issued last year, the producer shared that TV and films are family mediums, therefore, the web allows creative liberty to voice not only opinions, but also highlight pressing societal issues while entertaining the audience. The first episode of the series is slated to release on March 29 on YouTube.

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