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22 Jun

Pakistani yogis share their thoughts on International Yoga Day

The word yoga essentially means, ‘that which brings you to reality.’ It is a spiritual science of self-actualisation defining a perfect balance between the spirit and the mind and has become a common practice the world over for many beneficial reasons.

On International Yoga day (June 21), Something Haute connected with Pakistani yogis and got them to share their thoughts on the practice and some useful tips that could benefit others and encourage them to try it out.


Salina Taqi 


“My yoga journey began in Singapore in 2007. I fell in love with the mind, body & soul collision I experienced that encouraged me to become a certified universal yoga instructor. For me, yoga is a way of life and a journey focused on self-growth and development. Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions.”


Fehmida Maskatiya


“Yoga is fully for the mind and the body. It disciplines your life in the best way you can think. Yoga teaches you to calm down in difficult situations by helping you relax your breathing encouraging the mind with positive thoughts. It provides you the sense of calm you need in life if done regularly and makes your body flexible.”


Haya Baig


“Yoga has changed my life in so many ways I don’t even know where to start. My tip for all the yogis out there is to try meditation. Even if it’s for a few minutes a day, you’ll see the benefits not only in your body but your mind and heart too. Yoga isn’t just about the postures or the asanas, it’s so much more so explore every aspect of it.”

Manaal Khalid


“Yoga allows you the freedom from the stress and worry caused by the things outside of our control. It really helps connect your mind and your spirit, to bring attention inwards. It’s a way of life. And it begins with just showing up. So next time you wonder about yoga, don’t think too much just show up to a practice and keep your heart and mind open to experience endless love all around you.”

The Haute Team

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