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2 May

Pakistanis are discovering & loving Dirilis Ertugurl as it becomes top trend on YouTube

Imran khan

PM Imran Khan announced just days ago that he wants to air Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugurl, on PTV in a multi-effort to revive the state TV channel and bring quality content to the audience. Despite some people’s reservations, it seems that his decision has paid off since the show has become the most-watched drama in Ramazan with its first episode currently trending at 1 on YouTube.

It is no surprise that PM Imran Khan was a fan of the Turkish drama, Dirilis Ertugurl, since he praised it a few months ago. At that time he also explained that he appreciated that a show is trying to show Islamic history. “Now that we’re so influenced by the west, we’re forgetting our roots,” said the PM. 



He expressed a desire to watch the show dubbed in Urdu. Now finally that this has been brought to fruition via PTV and collaboration with the show’s producers. Not only is the show helping revive PTV as a channel in Pakistan, but it is also breaking viewing records.

It seems, however, superstar Shaan wasn’t too happy with the PM’s decision.




Shaan tweeted that he wants “our own heroes and history” to be highlighted more in locally produced TV shows. “Sir PTV in association should produce Haider Ali, Tipu sultan, Allama Iqbal translated and dubbed in easy Urdu for the common man to see his vision and his life. Also, on Faiz Habib Jalib, Colonel Sher Khan Nishan e Haider and Jehangir Khan,” he wrote.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the first episode here:



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