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11 Jun

Pakistan’s indigenous truck art makes a statement in the #BLM movement

Pakistani truck art has been the object of fascination for many around the world. Artist Haidar Ali has always carefully brought out his intricate designs to appeal to global audiences. He has gotten recognition through his prolific work in the form of murals, structures, benches and trucks. Now, he is using his platform and his art to make a statement in the Black Lives Matter movement.

In an interview with Dunya News, the artist displayed his art featuring late George Floyd and talked about his stance.



“I believe black colour is an essential part of the universe and an artist is extremely aware of this. Even stars shine in the dark,” stated the artist.

Haidar has participated in different exhibitions and festivals all over the world. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, he has also founded an organization Phool Patti, which promotes truck artists from Pakistan around the globe.



It is obvious that he has brought truck art into the spotlight for many people who wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to it. Some were so impressed that they got their own trucks painted by him. You can see their admiration for the work as they have memorized what each Urdu phrase incorporated into the painting meant.



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